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BridesmaidBridesmaids, you have been given the honor by the bride to take part in one of the most precious times in you and your friend's/sister's life! Bridesmaid101 has collected valuable Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor information in helping you plan the entire experience.

Select from Bridesmaid Duties, Maid of Honor Duties along with Bridesmaid Planning or Maid of Honor Planning to help understand more how you will be involved or to get new creative ideas as an experienced Bridesmaid.

Our Bridesmaid Dresses, Bridesmaid Gifts, Wedding Checklist, Downloadable Goodies and Wedding Speech sections may give you and the bride ideas to make your wedding planning more smooth and eloquent. Don't forget to plan some bridal showers games.

Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party sections will give you some new and fun ideas on how to plan, as well as useful tips. Check out our new Bridal Shower Games page which will help bridesmaid's plan the bridal shower.

Last but not least, our Bridesmaid Resource section will help with valuable bridesmaid and maid-of-honor information by giving you wedding links, directories and wedding invitation calligraphy in making the planning process much more smooth. Make sure to plan getting the wedding invitations as soon as possible. Sending out invitations way ahead will make sure wedding guests do not make other plans that get in the way of going to the bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding.

BridesmaidBridesmaid - New Year and Winter Season Ideas
The new year is great time to be a bridesmaid. There is so much to plan for your friend or family member, along with January now here! Now is a great time to ask if the bride-to-be would like help with choosing the right bridesmaid dresses and to make sure everyone gets fitted early as there are a lot of events during this month, making bridesmaid dress stores busy. For the bachelorette party make sure the bridesmaids all work together to make sure everyone has funds to go away as the economy is still tough on a lot of people! Since the economy is so bad, you can get great bridesmaid deals on vacation spots, dresses, and bachelorette party supplies at our favorite already discounted store which is bachelorette party fun - they will give you a free gift and also have bridal shower games.

Have a separate party for the bridesmaids to help the bride-to-be with organizing (if the bride is okay with this) which just gives all the bridesmaids a way to get to know one another as well as another reason for having a party! Tie in the winter wonderland and New Year's season into both the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Help make bridal shower decorations as well as ordering bridesmaid and bachelorette party items online from a place with free shipping, no sales tax, a free gift and really discounted prices which we again recommend the site! There are also some great inexpensive bridesmaid gifts you can find on our gifts page. Play some bridal shower games with the favorite of the season to have every bridesmaid list a new year's resolution privately, place them all in a jar and guess whose they are. Extra points if you guess the bride-to-be's answer! Just make sure to have a great time with the entire wedding process and winter season! Be sure to check out our wonderful wedding checklist and downloadable bridesmaid goodies.

For more information, check out our bridesmaid holidays page as well as our bridesmaid resources to be off to a great start in planning a memorable February for the bride!

Bridesmaid Question of Winter
I am a bridesmaid with little money this season. What can I do to make sure I can go to all the events that the bride may have.

Bridesmaid Answer of the Month
Many are in the same situation. Make sure to be up front with your friend on the fact you want to go but need to be sensitive to funds. I am sure your good friend will alert the others, who may be in the same situation, that money is important to keep in mind when planning the shower, bachelorette party and other festivities. Check out previous bridesmaid questions of the month here.

We hope is helpful to plan your parties! Click on the bridesmaid links and buttons to learn more on making the bridesmaid and maid of honor experience amazing! We hope our site is helpful and fun for you! So let the planning process begin by choosing any of the bridal links above!

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